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Chivas USA:
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Colorado Rapids:
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Columbus Crew:
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DC United:
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FC Dallas:
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Houston Dynamo:
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Los Angeles Galaxy:
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Montreal Impact:
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New England Revolution:
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Philadelphia Union:
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Portland Timbers:
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Real Salt Lake:
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Red Bull New York:
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San Jose Earthquakes:
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Seattle Sounders:
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Sporting KC:
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Toronto FC:
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Vancouver Whitecaps:
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19 thoughts on “2012 MLS Kits

  1. The red is just the Timbers secondary jersey from this season. They are supposed to be announcing a new third kit on Dec 6th. That is not a new jersey.

    • Thanks, Lance. I live in Portland, so I’m well aware of the Timbers’ kit choices. This page simply shows the kits that will be worn during the 2012 season, whether they were worn in 2011 or are brand new.

    • I have to disagree. I think football kits look naked and boring without a sponsor. I understand the argument of selling out by having a sponsor, etc, and can understand it to a point. But kit sponsors are what is normal throughout the world whether people like it or not. On top of that, it’s easy money for these teams. I’m just surprised other sports like MLB or the NFL haven’t caught on. Imagine how much money could be raised by these teams!

      • Those clubs would love to have the money from a sponsorship deal, I’m sure; however, I know for several teams, their shirt sponsors cancelled or declined to renew their deals, which is why the shirts are blank.

        The fact that MLB and the NFL don’t advertise this way is probably precisely why MLS attracts sponsors like Xango and Herbalife instead of more established US brands.

  2. Once again, Seattle wins ugliest kit contest…. My eyes!! Aaaaaaarrrghhhh…..
    Also hope that Philly doesn’t have womens team.

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  4. Sounders kits are some of the most hateful color and feature configurations I’ve ever seen. Timbers bias aside, sounders colors and their team identity provide so much for kit designers to work with. What a disappointment. I expect them to reign it in next year and get serious about a timeless, classic set of kits.

    Red Bull on the other hand look about as sharp as you could ask for. Reminding me somewhat of Chelsea’s kits. Nothing outrageous. Just classic. Also, Great yellow shorts offsetting the black change shirt and socks. Impressive look for such a simple execution of color.

    • Nearly all of these shirts would look better without Adidas’ extra panels and stripes and doo-dads! How sharp would Montreal’s away shirts be without those blue sweat stains under the arms?
      You’re right: the Red Bull shirts are solid because they’re relatively simple and show very little Adidas meddling. I really like the Timbers’ third shirt, although I’m not crazy that they ditched the Alaska Airlines font–looks worse with Arial or Helvetica or whatever it is.

  5. Montreal’s kit looks the least professional out of all the kits. And their badge looks like they designed it if FIFA Manager.

  6. WoW-Weeeeee these 2012-13 kits are the bomb can’t wait for the new season “let’s go Union… Sons of Ben for the Number 1”

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