The Champions League finally returns after two full months off. With club football, winter breaks and the holidays taking center stage over the past ten weeks, Europe’s top club competition comes back to the fore with several fascinating ties to kick things off. Since 2010 the Champions League has stretched out the round of 16 over a month, much to the chagrin of the viewing public, so only four games will take place this week with four more to follow next week. The return legs will not take place for four weeks.

AC Milan v. Tottenham Hotspur
Valencia v. Schalke

Arsenal v. Barcelona
Roma v. Shakhtar Donetsk

2 thoughts on “Champions League Round of 16

  1. How about GAttuso today, huh? Guy lost his shit. The ref really lost control of that game and definantly should’ve tossed Gattuso after he pushed the assistant coach and probably should’ve shown red to him earlier for some of his absurd tackles.

  2. Pretty crazy stuff. I don’t care that he didn’t get sent off for getting in Joe Jordan’s face. Flamini probably should’ve gone red though.

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