2009/10 Premier League Kits Page

2010/11 Premier League Kits:

Home / Change / Third

Aston Villa:
Home / Change

Birmingham City:
Home / Change / Third

Blackburn Rovers:
Home / Change / Third

Home / Change / Third

Bolton Wanderers:
Home / Change / Third

Home / Change / Third

Home / Change / Third

Home / Change

Home / Change / Third

Manchester City:
Home / Change / Third / European

Manchester United:
Home / Change / Third

Newcastle United:
Home / Change / Third

Stoke City:
Home / Change

Home / Change

Home / European HomeChange / European Change / Third

West Bromwich Albion:
Home / Change / Third

West Ham United:
Home / Change

Wigan Athletic:
Home / Change

Wolverhampton Wanderers:
Home / Change


95 thoughts on “2010/11 Premier League Kits

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    • no it isnt liverpool released it b4 chelsea. and besides they wre made by the same producer: Adidas, so there mite some chance of them looking the same for example having 3 stripes being tightly made and having an adidas logo!!

  2. Actually the Liverpool shirt is the new Adidas template, not the robo-cop style template worn by Chelsea and Bayern Munich this year. You’ll also see this template at the World Cup on teams like South Africa, Germany, Spain and Mexico.

    • …not to mention the fact that “NANAS” referred to the Liverpool kit as “a blue version of Chelsea’s 2009/10 kit.” None of the Liverpool strips are blue. They’re red, white, and black.
      Also, they’re different. Mao’s right.
      I’m pretty sure NANAS has a double-digit IQ.

  3. Liverpool’s kit is not amazing its the same as usual, just ok, as for the chelsea kit Nanas, its the exact same style as liverpools kit this season but in dirty blue!

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  5. Stoke kit is laughable. It’s not even a custom-designed shirt… just one of their off-the-shelf template shirts. 3 different shades of red..and an all red back.. I expected better from Adidas!

    • Agreed. I think they have the best total package of home/change/third kits…and yes, the Man U away kit is shit.


    • Have you seen Wolves’ shirt from last season? This shirt is very different. There is a lot more black (shoulders and sides), there is a collar and the neck is open. I like it. I also have to say I like Man Utd’s kit this year and also Chelsea’s away shirt. Not a fan of Albion’s sponsor, but then I’m biased! On a serious note, good to see the Black Country derby in the Premiership at last.

  7. Why is Hull on here? They’re a Championship team now. It’s interesting news, I suppose, that they’ve signed with Adidas, but they got relegated with Portsmouth and Burnley, neither of whom are listed on this page.

  8. hull arnet on here wolves are they never got relegated(wolves) and their kit isnt made by adidas, aaaaannndd this is premiership teams 2010/11 only.
    come on you hammers!!!!!!!

    • As I wrote above, when I originally posted on here, Hull was listed. They have since been removed.
      Nice grammar and spelling. About what I would expect from a West Ham fan.

  9. puma have done a good job with a pretty much bland colour scheme for newcastle and anyone know who the brand is behind birminghams strip?
    oh and whats the news on the grapevine about west hams new strip last i heard umbro are not making it anymore and we are going to be sponsored by ann summers?!?

    • Birmingham’s kit is made by XTep, which is a Chinese company. That’s about all I know about it, other than they had a fan vote for the home strip, and there were better options.
      Not sure about the Hammers.

  10. Tony’s right, I had Hull on here before they were relegated and then forgot to take them down until after the season.

    He’s also right that the fans voted on the home strip for Brum. It’s shite, as far as I’m concerned. I voted for a different option.

    • Thanks, mao. Sorry if I came off a little strong in my criticism of Hull being on here. You do good work on this site–keep it up!

      • No sweat. I’m glad you enjoy the space. And if you ever see or hear anything that isn’t up yet, please let me know.

    • Hey Mao, Just help update this a bit more, Arsenal’s third kit is last seasons 3rd kit (the blue one with stripes)

      • Thanks JZ. I’ve just put it up. I assumed this was going to be the case, but as the Gunners had a new third kit last year, I wanted to wait to be sure. Thanks for the update!

  11. Looks like Fulham signed a shirt sponsorship with FxPro. Wonder when the last time was that two teams in the Premier League had the same sponsor?

    • Great question. I have been trying to think and I don’t recall any instance, at least in the past few years. Celtic and Rangers have long used the same sponsor, but obviously that isn’t England. Will be interesting to see if Fulham and Villa use the same logo or if they make the sponsorship look different for the different clubs.

      • Villa released their kits today, and the sponsor logo is exactly the same as Fulham’s. While I don’t mind the “FxPro” part of it, I’m not crazy that the motto’s on there as well.
        Of course, aside from that, the Cottagers got an absolutely gorgeous strip and I couldn’t be happier with the design. Thank you, Kappa–you did right by the Whites.

  12. You’re completely right, Jack. I don’t know how I missed that. Maybe I should’ve looked at my own blog! Great call, Bolton and Wigan both wore 188bet this past season.

  13. You’re crazy, JayMT! Tottenham is clearly the big winner thus far. Have you seen any of the Spurs’ Puma training gear they’ve rolled out for this season with the baby blue? Gorgeous! Birmingham’s home shirt (not pictured here) is also very classy. Nothing inoffensive about Arsenal’s new home shirt, for sure, but it’s pretty boring. That yellow away kit has got to go, though. Makes me nauseous just looking at it.

  14. Whoa–while I’m not crazy about the Hammers (I’m a Cottagers fan), I kinda dig their change kits. Surprised they’d switch from Umbro to Macron, though–isn’t that kind of a lower-tier company, like Carbrini and Vandanel?

  15. West Brom have released their new home and away strips (and the sponsor logo is absolutely awful–especially for what is generally a nice-looking kit) and Wigan have announced their new kit supplier.

    • Thanks Tony, you should see them there now. I’m on the west coast, so stuff that comes up early in the morning takes me a bit longer to see.

      • Awesome–just thought I’d try to lend a hand. Thanks for the updates. I’m anxiously waiting for the new Fulham kit (should be fully revealed in about a week) to see if Kappa has given us something nice or not. Hard to tell from the profile shot in the teaser.

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  17. Best kit on there is Chelsea. It looks modern and suits the adidas style in blue. Liverpools looks ridiculous with that new sponser. Why did arsenal release a new kit. It looks the same :/ man u kits are shit this year. Everton is a fuckijg joke of an away kit. Stoke looks wierd. Newcastle looks stupid. Fulham looks good but kappa? Nike logo makes the kit look alot more proffesional and less Sunday league. Boltons looks crap as usual. Tottenham may actually have the best kit because it looks tidy and reminds me of the old tottenham. No silly sponsers infront of the centre. Anyway I am certain Chelsea will win the league next year as most players want to go to Chelsea that Chelsea are interested in and with goal machenes like lampard, drogba, anelka, kalou and malouda already they will be unstoppable. Man u have to rely in Rooney too much and If he doesn’t improve from world cup man u will fail. Forget arsenal, they always fuck up

  18. Hey im new to this site.
    What happened to all the cool sponsers? Fulham have kappa now which is shit. west ham have something ive never heard of which is crap. everton is really really gay.
    wolves- what the fuck is burda? and what have stoke done to deserve a top brand like adidas? I got the new man utd kit yesterday and its cool but it looks kinda like a jersy from the 90s. Spurs is actully really cool. Man city gay. Liverpool gay (of course)Chelsea gay. why are their shirts always so tight looking?Gunners away makes me wana barf. Home is the same as usal. Brmingham is really stupid. and bolton sucks, same as every year. one last thing GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!!!!

  19. Mao, regarding your tweet about Bundesliga kits,* I think it would be a good idea–most of the people who check out this section of the site are probably as interested in what other teams are wearing as they are their own, and I bet many of them are UniWatch readers. I say go for it. But that’s just my two cents…
    *”Thinking of adding a Bundesliga page for Trikots. Any interest?” – @maofootball

  20. Not a great year for premier league kits. dull kits, shitty logos, strange . only Newcastle seems to have a top home and away kit with a sponsor logo that doesn’t look like it got stuck on at the last minute… oh well, they will all change again in 9 months time and a new kits will be available for a rip off price

  21. I love the new Newcastle Strips, Addidas were starting to get boring, but they defo went out with a bang with that yellow strip lol,

  22. As usual the bolton kits are awful, im sick of it! we must have an 80 year old kit designer that wants to ‘spice things up’ and take off the black sleaves. wow, bravo.

  23. with the earlier debate on the FxPro sponsor, the have only differed in the position of the logo placement, i believe that this has bypassed any rules on same sponsored teams.

    • Thanks for the info. I noticed Fulham’s was sitting really high, and I wondered about that. I guess the more well-known team (Villa) got the traditional placement, and Fulham got the higher logo (although I actually kind of like it up there).

  24. wigan’s kit is the best kit dey’ve had so far!
    cant wait too get it(: i think i’ll be havin MCCARTHY on’t backk ;D x

  25. this season and last season both bolton and wigan were/are sponsored by 188bet. So for the people that said that they couldn’t remember the last time that 2 premier league teams are sponsored by the same sponsor they have a very short memory. !!!!

    • If you mean only that the sponsorship on the shirt is awful, I’ll agree. But the shirts themselves are fantastic. Very simple, very clean. Nicely done by Umbro there. Too bad the shitty sponsor ruins it.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen both of those on Historical Kits in recent days, but I’ve yet to see a photo. I know that guy gets great tips so I’m sure someone on the inside in both of those cases has alerted him ahead of their debuts. Same goes for the all-black Wigan change kit.

      As soon as there’s photographic evidence, I’ll add them to the list.

      • Good call.
        On a related note, I love that you’ve got such a great resource here where I can check out all the kits. It’s nice that UniWatch links here, too. Good to know I’m not the only one who obsesses over these things… 🙂

  26. Is Everton’s 3rd kit an admission that they messed up with the pink change kit? They’re not in Europe and that pink kit certainly would always provide a clash. That 3rd kit is really nice though- love the striped socks too.

    • That’s right, they don’t need it. But they can sell more replicas by introducing it after the other two. I agree that it’s a fantastic look, especially because of the socks. Very similar look to Schalke with the shorts/shirts colors just flipped.

  27. villa away is a lot betta than our last. home is ok? not the side but still VILLA TILL I DIE, CUM ON THE BOIS IN CLARET AND BLUE UP THE VILLA BLUES ARE SHITE

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