Liverpool Football Club, the sorry mess that it is at the moment, are in the process of being sold from Americans George Gillett and Tom Hicks to Boston Red Sox owner John W. Henry. Though the sale will take quite a long time to formalize, particularly as massive levels of debt need to be leveraged and sorted out, Reds’ supporters are already hitting out against yet another American owner. The expected £300m deal would push Gillett and Hicks out of Anfield after almost four years on Merseyside. With the world economy taking a nose dive from the fall of 2008, Liverpool, and Gillett and Hicks in particular, have lost millions, crippling the club’s ability to invest in infrastructure or new players. There is little question that the financial health of the club has led almost directly to the disastrous seasons, at least by Liverpool’s lofty standards, in 2009 and 2010. Currently Liverpool sit in eighteenth place on just six points with nearly twenty percent of the season passed.


3 thoughts on “Liverpool to be Sold to Boston Red Sox Owner John Henry

  1. Anything is better than Hicks and Co. And John Henry is a little sketchy, but he seems to have made it through the financial meltdown unscathed.

    But here’s what really irks me. They went backrupt in large part bc they decided to built a massive state of the art stadium right before the economy crashed. Now, they’ve convinced Torres and Gerrard to stay with the promise of a new stadium. Why? Anfield is historic and perfectly fine. Find other revenue sources. Revamp Anfield. Whatever, but don’t spend all that money just to build a new stadium for a team that already makes a fair share of money and needs investment in terms of players.

    Still, I get the feeling that these are yet another group of US owners who want to make money off the team but don’t realize that to be competitive you have to spend tons of cash a la Cheslski.

  2. Right, there is no way to make money in the Premier League as an owner. Look at how much Abramovich and the guys at City are losing each season. If you don’t care, then you’ll be ok. If you do care, you’ll end up like Gillett and Hicks, refinancing until the Premier League kicks you out.

  3. Also, my girlfriend and I went and saw The Town tonigt and they rob Fenway Park. I immediately thought, well if this John Henry deal falls threw at least I can imagine that it’s bc Ben Affleck robbed him.

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