A Samuel Eto’o (pictured) hat-trick was more than enough to ease Internazionale past Werder Bremen, 4-0 at the San Siro. Eto’o scored twice and Wesley Sneijder added a third in a devastating thirteen-minute stretch where the Champions League holders went from nil-nil to three-nil up. Eto’o’s hat-trick came in the 81st minute, adding even more woe to a horrible evening for Bremen. The three points and four-goal differential send Inter to the top of Group A, a goal ahead of Spurs.

Group A:
Tottenham Hotspur 4 – Twente 1

Group B:
Schalke 2 – Benfica 0
Hapoel 1 – Olympique Lyonnais 3

Group C:
Valencia 0 – Manchester United 1
Rangers 1 – Bursaspor 0

Group D:
Panathinaikos 0 – København 2


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