Braces from Salomon Kalou and Nicolas Anelka (pictured) came in the second half to power Chelsea past Wigan, 6-0 at the DW Stadium. Florent Malouda scored his third goal of the season for a first half lead before the second half onslaught blasted Wigan into dead last in the Premier League. Yossi Benayoun scored his first goal at Chelsea in injury-time to give the Blues their second consecutive 6-0 win. Wigan have now surrendered ten goals and scored none in their first two games, clearly making them an early target for relegation. Chelsea are top of the table again.


3 thoughts on “Chelsea Put Six More Past Wigan

  1. yikes- Wigan been outscored 10-0 in two home matches. Could be a long year for “my” Latics. I guess it was a little irrational to think they might have a good season based on the solid studio analysis of their coach at the World Cup.

  2. Damn…although, Blackpool put 4 past these guys and arsenal mutilated blackpool today, makes it difficult to assess chelsea’s brilliance. The funny thing, is that I watched this match for about 20 minutes and Wigan’s tactics and control was very solid…the goals that I saw chelsea score were in transition. They were long balls where the strikers just out ran the wigan defenders. Twenty minutes isnt usually enough to make a good judgement, but I wouldnt say Wigan is the pits. Even though wigan have had 2 ridiculously terrible results, I still wouldnt put them in the relegation pool…hopefully they recover and dont call for their manager’s head (too soon at least).

    • Thanks for the encouragement Mark- I hope you’re right. I was starting to think Wigan may make 07-08 Derby look like a good squad.

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