Goalkeeper Brad Jones was today purchased by Liverpool for £2.4m from Middlesbrough. The 28-year old Australian goalkeeper has played before in the Premier League back when Boro were a fixture in the top flight. Though the deal was likely in the works before Monday, the goal allowed by Pepe Reina in injury-time against Arsenal could not have been a coincidence with the timing of this signing. Jones will now compete in training with Reina for the starting goalkeeper role.


3 thoughts on “Liverpool Bring in Goalkeeper Brad Jones from Boro

  1. Jones competing for the #1 spot with Reina… that’s a load of crap! Pepe’s been a rock at Anfield. Roy is level headed enough to not let one mistake change the keeper situation. The defensive unit saved the Reds from complete embarrassment last season, and the team work and communication between Pepe and the back four are great.

    Overall, a good signing for the Reds. Another homegrown player, which they need to sign more.

  2. The homegrown player status is clearly the most important aspect of the signing from Liverpool’s point of view. They also know that Diego Cavalieri is leaving so they needed an immediate replacement. I’m not suggesting Jones should start ahead of Reina, but it’s not like the latter has a spotless record over the past year.

  3. I watched the Liverpool game and if I’m not mistaken he was in the stands with the other non roster players. I think the deal was essentially done prior to the Arsenal game and the two sides were just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

    You’re right about the homegrown thing. I guess his mother’s English citizenship gets him in under the impending preference to English players rule. You’re also right about needed a backup to replace Cavalieri.

    My only question is why pay that much money for a very talented GK that is the same age as your current world class goal keeper? Unless the play is to use Jones in Cup games to give Pepe a break I don’t really see why there was a need to get someone of Jones’ quality when you could save money on a young (English) prospect who could sit behind Pepe until he’s ready to take the starting role once Pepe leaves/retires.

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