Despite having played and scored at Villa Park on Saturday, James Milner will finally be moving to Manchester City for a reported fee of £26m. Aston Villa will in return receive Stephen Ireland and £16m from the Citizens. The 24-year old Milner has been one of the prized recruits of Roberto Mancini and the City machine ever since his arrival in January. Now that Ireland has agreed to move (along with his £1m bonus), the England international midfielder can join free-spending City. While Villa will certainly benefit from the influx of cash, and potentially from Stephen Ireland as well, it is becoming clear that Martin O’Neill was right, Villa is largely a feeder club for the big four.


5 thoughts on “James Milner Finally Heading to Manchester City

  1. Yeah, no clue how often Milner might play at City. Considering they played a 4-3-3 last weekend with three holding midfielders (Yaya, Barry and de Jong), it doesn’t look like Milner will necessarily automatically start.

  2. Yeah, why does this move make sense? Unless they go 3-4-3 (which would be interesting) they can’t play all the guy’s they went out and spent millions of dollars on. Is Man City just the embodiment of ‘money don’t buy sense’?

  3. Man City is the Daniel Snyder run Washington Redskins of the EPL. Severely overpay for names but never really gel into a good team. At least I hope that is what happens. They looked like garbage in week 1.

  4. As a Washington Redskins fan, I can only agree. Although, I think they’ll put some entertaining matches together, they will again be second place in Manchester this season…

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