Disaffected striker Craig Bellamy has been sent on loan from Manchester City to Cardiff City. After manager Roberto Mancini blacklisted Bellamy, the 31-year old Welshman was going to move to another club, the only question was which one would take him. Celtic (whom he’d played for on loan in 2005) and Fulham (whose manager Mark Hughes brought him to City only last season) were the frontrunners, but in the end it’s Cardiff who get the tempestuous but talented forward. Of course the Bluebirds are in the Championship, not the Premier League, so the level of competition will be quite a drastic change. Cardiff reached the Championship playoffs last season, so perhaps this move makes them one of the sides expected to qualify through to the Premier League.


2 thoughts on “Craig Bellamy Loaned to Cardiff City

  1. Surprised to see Bellamy fall so much from last season. I thought he and Torres were far and away City’s best combo up front but I know he was laboring a bit toward the end of last season. I would have loved to have seen him go to Arsenal for a spark off the bench or a fill in for when we are down to zero strikers and forced to play Vela. Maybe he could have given Arsenal some much needed attitude…

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