A strange game ended 1-1 at Anfield Road between Liverpool and Arsenal. David N’Gog scored for the Reds while Marouane Chamakh played a ball off the post that Pepe Reina (pictured) bungled into his own net in injury-time to provide the visitors their lone goal. Joe Cole was sent off before half-time and Laurent Koscielny was sent off in injury-time for the Gunners. The Reds were probably the better side over the length of the match, but neither club will claim a moral victory from today’s draw. Arsenal played without Cesc Fàbregas and started with Robin Van Persie on the bench. Liverpool debuted Cole but lost the big signing before half-time.


2 thoughts on “1-1 Draw Fitting Between Liverpool and Arsenal

  1. Crap effort by the Gunners. At one point they had 11-9 advantage and still couldn’t really control the ball. They actually played much better when the squads were equal in the first half. Our new defensive signing Koscielny was a disaster. Many thanks to Cesc Fabregas for not even being available as a sub. This confuses me a bit. I believe Cesc’s total time on the pitch during the World Cup was the equivalent to one match. Somehow, van Persie who played at least 3/4 of every match for the Dutch was available as a sub and played the final 15 mins. Kuyt had about 10x the amount of WC playing time as Cesc played the entire match. Torres who was coming off surgery in the WC played for Liverpool today. If fitness was such a concern for Cesc, what in the world was he doing in Mexico City earlier this week playing 45 minutes in a worthless friendly?? Oh well, frustrating start to the season but the Gunners were lucky to get one so things could be worse.

  2. Koscielny was bad. As a Liverpool fan that was an odd way to start the seasn. I was super pumped to see Joe Cole and then he makes a dumb takle and gets a straight red (maybe a little harsh, but he never should’ve gone in like that in the first place). Then poor Agger looks like he gets concussed so we’re down 11-9 until he wanders back onto the pitch like a tranquilized bear.

    Had Cesc played Liverpool would’ve lost.

    Lastly, Torres is no where near ready. Liverpool would be better off just shelfing him for a little bit and letting N’Gog get reps. What’s the harm in that? Torres will leave after this year anyway when his contract is up. So get N’Gog in now to see if he has the mettle to be a striker in the Premiership.

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