Manchester United have signed 20-year old Portuguese striker Tiago Correia, better known as Bébé, from Vitória de Guimarães for £7.4m. The move is very strange as the youngster had only just signed a five-year contract with Vitória having moved from Estrala da Amadora only five weeks ago. Apparently Bébé is 6’2 and technically gifted. Still, bringing in another striker with Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernández, Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen and Kiko Macheda all already on board is a bit strange. Especially considering Bébé is not even particularly well known in Portugal as Estrala de Amadora is in the third division.


One thought on “United Sign Striker Bébé

  1. I think United are definitely in the business of buying young ‘starlets’ and seeing if they can either become the next ronaldo or sell them for good a good chunk of change in the future (as are most big clubs). I think 7.4 million is cheap if you look at what they sold recently in Ben Foster and Zoran Tosic for 6 and 8 million respectively (both of whom won’t be big club players again – unless you think CSKA Moscow is a big club, which isn’t to say they arent respectable). Hernandez will make an immediate impact so thats a little different, but I know nothing about this guy other than he shares the name with that little girl from South Park.

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