The surprises keep coming with 35-year old Sol Campbell, who is apparently undergoing a medical at Newcastle United today. Provided his old body is in good enough shape to not require wheelchair access to the pitch, Toon will snatch the former England captain and Arsenal star. Out of contract since the end of the 2009/10 season, one where he stunning returned to the Gunners after a disastrous experiment with Notts County, Campbell was widely expected to sign with Celtic. Yet in recent weeks both Newcastle and their northeast rival Sunderland emerged as possible destinations. Now it appears the recently-promoted Tyneside club will pick up the centre-half for at least this coming 2010/11 season.


3 thoughts on “Sol Campbell Set for Move to Newcastle United

  1. Welcome back Mao!

    I was happy to see Sol make a successful comeback last year. I was hoping for another year with the gunners. He will fill in well with NU.


  2. Thanks Nick! I don’t think that adding Sol Campbell is a particularly important move for Newcastle at this point. As long as they don’t further stretch their wage bill on him, he’ll be just another defender for them. It’s nice that his career isn’t over yet, but watching him play at Arsenal last year made it pretty evident that he’s not really a first choice guy anymore.

  3. It was great becoming a mature player last year. He didn’t have that speed, but he has picked up a few tricks with age that were effective. Plus his calm head back there was needed at times. I nice relief from Galas.


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