Wesley Sneijder (pictured) scored in the second half as yet another goalkeeping failure pushed Holland to the brink of qualification in the knockout rounds with a 1-0 win over Japan at Durban Stadium. Japan keeper Eiji Kawashima got his hands on Sneijder’s shot but the awkward handling of the ball gave the Dutch the precious lead on 53 minutes. The second consecutive clean sheet give the Netherlands six points in Group E and basically assure them of a spot in the last sixteen, likely as the top team. Japan come crashing back to earth after their victory over Cameroon last week, though their standing after the second round will not be determined until after Cameroon play Denmark later in the day. The Dutch have yet to really put their stamp on a game, though their performance has actually been the best, statistically speaking, of any team of the 32.


2 thoughts on “Sneijder Sends Holland Past Japan

  1. Don’t think it was a goal keeping blunder, the shot was simply unstoppable – it would have been luck had the Japanese goalie managed to divert it

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