world cup

Having given out predictions for the results of the group stage of the impending World Cup, here is the breakdown of the knockout rounds, from the perspective of this space:

Round of 16:
Mexico (A1) v. Nigeria (B2) – Mexico
England (C1) v. Germany (D2) – England
Holland (E1) v. New Zealand (F2) – Holland
Brazil (G1) v. Chile (H2) – Brazil
Argentina (B1) v. France (A2) – Argentina
Serbia (D1) v. USA (C2) – USA
Italy (F1) v. Denmark (E2) – Italy
Spain (H1) v. Portugal (G2) – Spain

Mexico v. England – Mexico
Holland v. Brazil – Holland
Argentina v. USA – Argentina
Italy v. Spain – Spain

Mexico v. Holland – Holland
Argentina v. Spain – Spain

Argentina v. Mexico – Argentina

Holland v. Spain – Holland


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