The season is over and the points have been tallied. Here are the final results:

mao’s Challenge Table:
mao – 666
Jereme – 663
Mark – 658
Trey – 636

In regards to pre-season predictions, a few correct and incorrect picks jump out:

mao – This space correctly projected Chelsea as champions with Manchester United in second place and Arsenal in third. Birmingham City’s top-ten finish was definitely not what was expected as their pre-season selection was dead last. Portsmouth’s relegation was a correct pick.

Mark – Correctly identified all three relegated sides, though his final order wasn’t quite right with Pompey 18th, Burnley 19th and Hull 20th. Still, a nice achievement. Of course he had Brum in 17th place. Wolves were correctly projected to survive and finish in 15th place while Man City were rightly picked to finish in fifth.

Jereme – Also got all three relegated teams picked right, though again not in the final order. Got the top-three all correct while also correctly pointing Bolton to 14th place.

Trey – Foolishly chose Liverpool to win the league and would have had the top-five correct if only for choosing his Reds to top the league. Only person to think Portsmouth would survive but did get Hull City and Burnley correct in their descent to the Championship, though not in their ultimate places. Also done in by Birmingham City’s nice season.


3 thoughts on “2009/10 Premier League Season Recap

  1. Obviously you had Satan on your side to win the mao’s Challenge Table. I had a great time this season making the picks and really enjoyed the blog. I fully expect to win the double next season taking the Challenge Table and the Fantasy league title. Second place in both has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  2. Haha, I thought about either adding one or subtracting one just so I wouldn’t be on that number. But since I spent so much time this season adding everyone’s picks exactly, I thought it’d be better to just leave it.

    As far as the double goes, you’ll have even more competition next year, I hope. Not to mention a certain someone who is the holder in both challenges.

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