Goals from Charlie Adam (pictured), Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Brett Ormerod gave Blackpool a 3-2 lead at half-time over Cardiff City, a lead they wold not relinquish in a thrilling Championship playoff final today at Wembley. Michael Chopra and Joe Ledley scored for Cardiff in the super-charged first half, but it was not enough push the first ever Welsh club into the Premier League. Instead, the Seasiders will become the latest of the completely unlikely promoted clubs, joining Hull City and Burnley in recent years. Blackpool have not been in the top flight for forty years and in a traditional promotion scheme, would not have been close to the Premiership after their sixth-place finish in the Championship. But thanks to the play-off, the system that will surely come into further question after this result, the Seasiders are back in the top flight alongside the heavyweights of world football. The victory today is also a victory for sound financial management at the expense of the nearly insolvent Bluebirds. Surely Blackpool will struggle to survive in 2010/11, but their insistence on financial stability should be lauded.


3 thoughts on “Blackpool Earn Premiership Glory

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  2. Do you think this result strengthens or weakens the argument for a playoff in the Premiership for the fourth CL spot?

  3. Probably weakens, though I would bet it has no bearing whatsoever. The argument for weakening is that Blackpool (as Burnley before) will be so poor in the league that it will further suggest that a play-off is never a good way to determine who gets promoted (or a CL spot). If play-off winners, particularly fifth- and sixth-place finishers who win the play-off, were to do well in the Premier League, that might change people’s opinions about play-offs in general.

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