As if Barcelona really needed more firepower, David Villa, Valencia’s captain and star striker, has signed with the Catalan giants for a modest £34.2m. Villa has long been linked with Barça, not to mention the usual suspects in the Premier League. Surprisingly though, Villa did not move last summer when the financial situation was most dire at Valencia. Regardless, this further confirms the move of Thierry Henry to New York Red Bulls. This is also just the first of what promises to be a massive summer for the Spanish champions. The question is whether or not the signing of Villa precludes them from also adding Cesc Fàbregas.


2 thoughts on “David Villa Signs with Barcelona

  1. If Barca does sign Cesc I hope Arsenal at least spends the money. It is suspected that Wenger may have up to 30m to spend this summer. If we get another 45m for Cesc (no way Arsenal accepts 30m) I would hope that would be added to the transfer budget instead of pocketing it. Last season we got a huge profit for Adebayor and Toure but didn’t do anything with it. Losing Fabregas would be bad enough but just pocketing the money would be tragic.

  2. Arsenal will accept 40m and maybe even 35m. Cesc wants to go. No reason to hold on to him at this point, especially when the bottom figure is already that high. But I don’t really see Wenger spending that much of it. He’ll probably get a few lesser-known players, besides Chamakh that is, rather than drop a ton on one guy.

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