Surprising results in both semi-final first legs will give the Championship a huge audience and compelling story lines for both second leg ties this week. On Tuesday, heavily favored Nottingham Forest will have to come back from a one-goal deficit at the City Ground or be unceremoniously dumped by upstarts Blackpool. Wednesday could see a Welsh side nearing the Premier League as Cardiff City will bring its one-goal advantage back home to the Cardiff City Stadium against favored Leicester City. If both upsets hold true, the final should be quite the event. Likewise, if both favored sides come back to reach Wembley, the stories would be quite spectacular.

Blackpool @ Nottingham Forest

Leicester City @ Cardiff City

2 thoughts on “Championship Playoff Semi-Final Second Legs

  1. As with with Newcastle and Leeds, one would like to see Forest’s return to top flight football. At the same time, the hope of Blackpool’s progress is very NCAA of me.

  2. Aye, it’s hard not to root for Blackpool. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Leicester back up. The first Premier League game I ever watched in Scotland was Leeds-Leicester in the fall of 2003. Sentimentality I guess, but it’d be cool to see them go up. Not that I’d have any complaints about any of these four sides, actually.

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