Despite losing out on the Champions League, the specific, stated goal of the new Abu Dhabi-based ownership regime, Roberto Mancini is rumored to be staying at Manchester City next season. A fifth-place (or potentially sixth-) finish would indeed be a marked improvement over last year’s side that finished tenth, even though the club failed to reach the 70-point threshold named by ownership. City will be in Europe, just not in the Champions League. That fact will make it difficult to lure the most impressive targets (namely Fernando Torres) but shouldn’t dissuade the likes of James Milner or other English transfer targets from joining the ranks of the Citizens in the summer. Really, even if the ownership group do not like Mancini (though it would seem they do), it makes much more sense in the longer-term to retain his services to provide at least some level of consistency within the club. As more money and more players come in and out of City, changing the manager again could prove disastrous. Especially as Mancini seems to have gotten his players to respect him (save Carlos Tévez) and his methods.


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