Yes, it’s that time again when Premier League clubs (as well as those in the Football League and across the continent) begin to release their kits for the following season. With 2009/10 all but finished, most Premier League clubs are already in the process of releasing their new outfits to the consuming public. It is not uncommon for clubs to wear their new kits in the last game of the current season, which means the next week could be very revealing in terms of on-field views of the newest kits.

Several clubs have already made their shirts known while others have had leaked photos floating around for months. Chelsea and Liverpool have officially released their home versions for 2010/11, as have Stoke City, Bolton Wanderers and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Blackburn Rovers have produced their 2010/11 change kits while Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have had leaked photos and images surface. Burnley and Portsmouth have also released new kits but as relegated clubs, theirs will not appear in the Premier League next season.

Edit: As Jon has pointed out in the comments section, the Portsmouth kit worn in the FA-Cup semi-final was not necessarily the new kit for 2010/11 but a one-off version. Still, based on the images out there, it would seem that the one-off version is in fact very close to, if not exactly the same as at least the shirt Pompey will wear in 2010/11 in the Championship.

Be sure to follow along on the 2010/11 Premier League Kits Page for all the most updated views as well as on the Twitter page for this space that regularly announces additions to the Kits Page.


3 thoughts on “Kit Season 2010

  1. Chelsea. Fantastic. Wolves look better than last year in my opinion, but still it’s a scheme that doesn’t agree with my taste. Too bad for Bolton. They look as wacky as ever.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the colours emerge.

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