Wayne Rooney, Cesc Fábregas, Didier Drogba and Carlos Tévez are the finalists for the Professional Footballers Association Player of the Year for 2009/10. Last season the players ridiculously chose Ryan Giggs as the Player of the Year so this year at least the brilliant minds of the Premier League have at least picked out four players having wonderful and meaningful seasons. Rooney will certainly be the favorite as his scoring prowess has been unleashed in leading the league in scoring. Fábregas has also had a fantastic season and carried Arsenal most of the way through this injury-plagued campaign. Drogba has found renewed purpose this year and has been completely unstoppable at times. But the choice of this space is Tévez. After his unceremonious exit from Old Trafford after last season’s low-output campaign, Tévez has been the biggest addition of all the major acquisitions at Eastlands. His creativity and scoring have vaulted City into the top four and perhaps into the Champions League. While his numbers aren’t quite as good as Rooney’s, Tévez is the most important player of this season in the Premier League.


3 thoughts on “PFA Short-List Revealed

  1. Rooney or Tevez, a two-horse race. Numbers don’t lie, but the Tevez factor at City is a game/league/potential top-4 change, and that’s a have matter.

  2. I honestly wished united shelled out the money to keep tevez, i always thought he was an awesome player – he just had to have a ridiculously retarded personality to go along with it. I think the reason Giggs won it last year was more of a career achievement…although, i know this is the player of the year award. Giggs is old and he still produces (enough that i even bought a United Jersey with his name on the back). My vote goes for rooney…although, i think the midfielders always get the shaft in these kind of votes bc they do a lot of grunt work that often goes unnoticed (one reason why barca is so damn good…although, that goes noticed).

  3. Haha, good point about Barcelona. Yeah, it’s really hard to argue with Rooney’s numbers and beyond that, his impact and improvement for United. But Cham’s argument is what I’m using too. No one knew that Tévez would be the complete beast he is right now and that, more than the coaching change, has put City into the top four (right now at least).

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