Amazingly, Portsmouth have actually qualified for the 2010/11 Europa League after reaching the FA Cup finals. Because Chelsea will already be qualifying for the Champions League through their position in the Premier League, the other club automatically qualifies for Europe. There are only two problems: 1) Pompey have been relegated to the Championship; 2) they did not file the proper paperwork last month. Relegation does not automatically disqualify a club from European football but considering the scheduling of the Championship is so completely different from the Premier League, even a short run in Europe could wreak havoc on Pompey’s fixture list next season. The second issue is of much greater concern. Whether the good folks running Pompey didn’t expect to get this far, or maybe in the mess of administration the paperwork was simply overlooked, Portsmouth are at the moment not allowed to join the Europa League.

Pompey are appealing to be granted a waiver to get into Europe anyway as the additional payments would be a huge help in settling debts that led to administration in the first place. In truth, Portsmouth probably won’t go very far, even if granted an exemption in the first place. But every little bit of money they can scrape together brings administration closer to an end and a return to normalcy.


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