Even though the mid-season transfer window closed in England almost two months ago, Portsmouth have been given permission to begin the inevitable sale of players. With a nine-point penalty already levied, Pompey are surely going down to the Championship as they are in the middle of administration. The club will be given the chance to ease some of the financial pressures by the revenue generated through the sale of any and all players they can offload before the end of the season. Special caveats have been created to allow Pompey to sell players but retain their services for the remainder of the season under ‘lease-back’ clauses.

There is not yet much by way of rumors about who might be sold but expect that to change in the coming days. Despite their horrible season there are several players of real value down at Fratton Park who will be available on the cheap. Whether revenues from potential sales will make much of a difference at this point is debatable though.

Update: Apparently Pompey administrator Andrew Andronikou wants to sell the entire first team and operate next season’s team with players acquired only via free transfers. Ten first team players are already on the block and contracts will not be renewed for any players whose deals expire at the end of this season. Though it’s not yet clear how exactly this will all shake out, it would not be going out on a limb to suggest that Portsmouth might be in danger of a second relegation next season.


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