Countries from across the globe took part in a massive set of international friendlies ahead of the rapidly approaching World Cup. Obviously the results are important but this space is equally concerned with sartorial decisions. Here is a list of those countries involved in the 2010 World Cup who debuted or wore for the first time on an international stage, their newest kits. There are several missing from this list, notably Slovakia, Honduras, New Zealand and Ghana. Hopefully more images will turn up, though Chile and North Korea called off their friendly after the earthquake over the weekend. As always, views of all the World Cup participants’ kits can be found on the 2010 World Cup Kits Page.

Argentina – Home kit away to Germany
Australia – Change kit at home v. Indonesia in Asian Cup Qualifying
Brazil – Home kit v. Ireland at Wembley
Cameroon – Home kit v. Italy in Monaco
Côte d’Ivoire – Home kit v. South Korea in London
Denmark – Change kit away to Austria
England – Change kit at home v. Egypt
France – Change Kit at home v. Spain
Germany – Change kit at home v. Argentina
Greece – Change kit at home v. Senegal
Holland – Change kit at home v. USA
Italy – Home kit v. Cameroon in Monaco
Japan – Home kit v. Bahrain in Asian Cup Qualifying
Mexico – Change kit v. New Zealand in Los Angeles
Portugal – Home kit v. China
Slovenia – Change kit at home v. Qatar
South Africa – Change kit at home to Namibia
South Korea – Change kit v. Côte d’Ivoire in London
Spain – Change kit away to France
Switzerland – Home kit v. Uruguay
United States – Change kit away to Holland
Uruguay – Home kit away to Switzerland


7 thoughts on “International Friendlies Kit Round-Up

  1. That is interesting. I have to say I didn’t even notice. Were they actually according to position as in the old days?

  2. yeah, 2-5 across the back, Sneijder was 10, Kuyt 9, the wingers 7 & 11, etc. I kind of like that occasionally for nostalgia’s sake.

  3. England takes top prize for the simple red shirt, but Germany comes in at a close second with the striking black number. Mexico’s use of black is interesting, goes well with the green.

  4. I think the French change kits are absolutely fantastic. England’s are nice on the simple side. Honestly I don’t think too highly of the American shirts though.

  5. Overall, a horrendous, no good bad year for jerseys.
    England gets top prize for abandoning their qualifying kit and going classic (the bad kit might have been the reason they didn’t get into the Euros, haha), with South Africa and Brazil close behind by keeping it simple, as always.

    I thought the US was bad, until I saw everyone else’s, now I’m okay with it.

    Slovenia is the worst, the mountain, or whatever it is, just screams 80’s.

    And what is driving me absolutely bonkers is the new adidas template. HELLO! You’re missing about eight inches of stripes on each arm!! Absolutely disgusting.
    Germany would be vaulted to second if it wasn’t for the missing stripes, everything else looks great. And the weird shoulder cutoff, along with the missing stripes, screws up the classic Argentina light blue-white alternating stripes, making me dizzy.

    Italy’s shoulder stripes is a good idea, just… off somehow. Spain is guilty of the adidas template, and somehow the colors just don’t mesh in my mind. But it has the chance of growing on me.

    Enough from me…

  6. I totally agree about Slovenia. But I think what you’re missing is that the gaps in the Adidas sleeves are for World Cup patches once the tournament actually starts. Still looks odd for sure, but they won’t just be blank.

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