Robinho (pictured) scored in the 76th minute quieted complaints of offside on a first half own-goal and sent Brazil to a nice 2-0 friendly win over Ireland at the Emirates Stadium. Ireland put up a stiff fight and had the better of the chances in the early going, but Brazil’s skill was too much in the end. Both sides wore their newest threads a day ahead of the mass of friendlies taking place across Europe and the world. In a promising turn for Brazil, Adriano and Robinho, two of the biggest names on the pitch, were excellent in their returns to Europe after defections back to their home country. If Brazil can get positive results from them, they might just be in a for a nice World Cup. As for Ireland, they looked as stingy and plucky as always, probably proving that they belong in the World Cup. But alas, a decent showing against arguably the world’s best, doesn’t earn a place at the tournament this summer.


2 thoughts on “Brazil Knock Off Ireland in Emirates Friendly

  1. “If Brazil can get positive results from them, they might just be in a for a nice World Cup.” – understatement of the year. I really liked Brazil’s new kit- what did you think mao?

  2. It looked really sharp. I think the ventilation panels on the side look kind of strange up close, but in the game you can’t really tell. I love the white socks with the thin, green band. And I really thought the shirts were a much more natural yellow than in the past. Just look at the 2002 World Cup for comparison: http://bit.ly/c5C8N5.

    But as good as Brazil looked, I thought Ireland were even better. Their new green is much better and their striped socks were a real treat.

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