After the Champions League returned mid-week, the Premier League takes to the pitch again this weekend with a mostly full round of fixtures. Several matches highlight the weekend with Manchester United’s trip to revitalized Everton on Saturday coming as the first. Liverpool will travel to Manchester City for a critical match-up for both sides while Aston Villa and Arsenal get winnable home games against Burnley and Sunderland respectively.

Manchester United @ Everton – United
Sunderland @ Arsenal – Arsenal
Hull City @ West Ham – West Ham
Chelsea @ Wolverhampton – Chelsea
Stoke City @ Portsmouth – Draw

Bolton @ Blackburn – Blackburn
Burnley @ Aston Villa – Villa
Liverpool @ Manchester City – City
Birmingham City @ Fulham – Fulham
Tottenham @ Wigan – Spurs

mao’s Challenge Table:
Jereme – 446
mao – 444
Mark – 432
Trey – 429

mao’s Results Thus Far:
Round 1 – 15 points
Round 2 – 9 points
Round 3 – 24 points
Round 4 – 24 points
Round 5 – 21 points
Round 6 – 19 points
Round 7 – 18 points
Round 8 – 14 points
Round 9 – 20 points
Round 10 – 12 points
Round 11 – 21 points
Round 12 – 12 points
Round 13 – 20 points
Round 14 – 12 points
Round 15 – 17 points
Round 16 – 11 points
Round 17 – 16 points
Round 18 – 19 points
Round 19 – 19 points
Round 20 – 27 points
Round 21 – 2 points
Round 22 – 14 points
Round 23 – 24 points
Round 24 – 21 points
Round 25 – 19 points
Round 26 – 14 points


5 thoughts on “Premiership Predictions – Round 27

  1. Saturday:
    Manchester United @ Everton – red devils
    Sunderland @ Arsenal – arsenal
    Hull City @ West Ham – west ham
    Chelsea @ Wolverhampton – chelsea
    Stoke City @ Portsmouth – stoke

    Burnley @ Aston Villa – villa
    Liverpool @ Manchester City – draw
    Birmingham City @ Fulham – draw
    Tottenham @ Wigan – spurs

  2. A bold call, though I don’t fancy Liverpool away from Anfield right now. In your favor though are the mood swings from City. If you catch them on an off day you’ll take them down. If Tevez and Adebayor are on, it’ll be trouble. Either way, massive game at this point of the season.

  3. Saturday:
    Manchester United @ Everton – ManYoo – No Fellaini really hurts Everton. I don’t think the Red Devils will draw two in a row and Rooney is just ridiculous this year.
    Sunderland @ Arsenal – Arsenal – After Sunderland beat Arsenal earlier this year they suddenly turned into one of the worst teams in the league. Arsenal is fielding a really weak side but should have enough to win at home.
    Hull City @ West Ham – Draw – Don’t care.
    Chelsea @ Wolverhampton – Blues – Unlike United, Chelsea will face a first team squad…doesn’t matter. Blues win easy.
    Stoke City @ Portsmouth – Stoke – Just relegate Pompey now and put them out of their misery.
    Bolton @ Blackburn – Blackburn – Lock of the week
    Burnley @ Aston Villa – Villains – AV wins this playing solid football and the occasional long ball. (the most offensive thing anyone can say about a football team)
    Liverpool @ Manchester City – Liverpool – No Tevez. No win.
    Birmingham City @ Fulham – Fulham – Good matchup for surprising teams but I give the advantage to the home team.
    Tottenham @ Wigan – Spurs – Spurs have outscored Wigan by a total of 9-1 in their three previous matches this year. What’s that? They’ve only played once?

  4. I’ll pick blackburn over bolton here. Although, I think it was a smart move for the wolves to rest their top players against united, was it truly a forfeit? I dont think anyone can really argue with the wolves coach for what he did…this team wants to remain in the league and why risk losing with your tired top team (very high chance), when you can preserve your squad to get more possible points in the future?

    Arsenal will be out for blood this weekend and slaughter sunderland – they’ve had a tough string of games and will be ready to slaughter someone (especially at home). I hate Hull’s jerseys and pretty much everything about them – I hope they lose + get punched in their grundles. Chelski will win due to the fact that the wolves are only good for maybe 15th place and they suck. An accidental long ball by villa will surely fine the goal and win the match against burnley…but theyll argue it as a deflection of some sort, which was meant as a short pass (this baffles all who lives in the world as we know it). City will score an equalizer in injury time, but the player who scores is unknown. However, they will run from one side of the pitch to the other…then to the other…then to the other..then security grabs him in time for the ref to issue him a red card…game is tied at the end though.

    All in all, an exciting weekend of football!

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