2010 World Cup Kits:

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Home / Away

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Home / Away

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Home / Away

Home / Away

Home / Away

South America:
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Home / Away / Third

Home / Away

Home / Away

Home / Away / Third?

Home / Away

Home / Away

North Korea:
Home / Away

South Korea:
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south korea

North America:
Home / Away / Third

Home / Away

United States:
Home / Away

Home / Away

Home / Away

Côte d’Ivoire:
Home / Away
ivory coast

Home / Away

Home / Away

South Africa:
Home / Away
south africa

New Zealand:
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56 thoughts on “2010 World Cup Kits

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  2. The Russian sports bra look is interesting…I’m not sure what they were thinking with that design. Aside from that, it looks like a nice curtain I could hang in our dining room

  3. You’ll notice after I get photos up from this weekend’s qualifiers and friendlies that almost all of the Adidas kits of that template have the same thing. Japan has it, South Africa has it. The degree to which you can see it is based on whether they chose to make those things in a different color or keep it the same as the kit. RSA seems to have done the latter while Russia and Japan have accentuated them by having them different colors.

    All that to say, it looks terrible.

  4. yeah, not sure i would want to look like i’m wearing a sports bra. I’ve always liked adidas styles, but not sure I’m liking what i see so far. Also, I usually hate the way nike jerseys look, so i guess its up to umbro…oh wait, nevermind.

  5. Nice page…Thanks.
    I think I really like the Ivory Coast look but I may reserve that opinion until I see it in a match. Their crest is very cool.
    Germany looks pretty good. Minor quibble…I’d rather see the regular logo than this one on the black patch. Also, that shoulder “patch” thingy they and some others have looks weird. Can’t they just make a plain sleeve? I also like the neckline.
    Russia? Very cool old-school crest but the rest of it is a laugh. Looks like some fancy-ass pajamas from the 1930’s or something. Awful.
    That sports-bra thing is horrid!
    I think I’d rather see white stripes on the Mexico shirt than the red.
    Denmark looks pretty good.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys. I think the shoulder patch thing is where the World Cup logo patch will go, once they actually start playing.

    I agree that Mexico’s looks pretty dumb. Looks like maybe a feather motif?

  7. Fancy-ass pajamas… Haha. Maybe Arshavin can enter the pitch with a pipe and brandy snifter in his hand? So far my top two are Germany and Denmark. Normally I wouldn’t like that design across the front of the Denmark jersey but I still think it’s a pretty cool overall look. England’s home kit might be a little too plain for my taste. It looks like they should be running on the beach ala Chariots of Fire instead of running on the pitch. However, I do like their red away jersey and white shorts combination. The giant elephant head on the away Republic of Côte d’Ivoire shoulder cracks me up.

  8. Yeah, a pipe and brandy is exactly what I see with the Russian kits. David Niven comes to mind.
    As far as England is concerned, I never mind ‘plain’ especially when I see what else is out there. I like the collar and they’ll look better with the dark blue shorts. They will wear the blue shorts, won’t they?

    I hope South Africa does well. Cheers.

  9. I have no idea Ivor, but I’ll be putting them up just as soon as they come available. My guess is that teams won’t introduce new ones until after the new year. I’ll make a regular post to note them from now on, so if you want to subscribe to the feed you’ll see it ASAP.

  10. Thank you so much Mao, your doing a great job.
    I check this page daily to see the new kits, I’m loving the Puma’s, not a real fan of the Adidas ones

  11. Thanks Ivor. I just added the Algeria kit today, but haven’t made another post about it yet. Hopefully we’ll get some more in soon. There are plenty still out there…

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  16. When do you think the remaining jersey will be officially announced? For example, will the US and Netherlands play in their World Cup uniforms for the March 3rd friendly?

  17. If it were up to me, both would be in their new kits by then. But Nike has been much slower to have their new World Cup kits come out, so who knows. I guess they’re waiting to make it more dramatic or so that we’ve forgotten about the Adidas and Puma versions that are everywhere now. I’m hoping that one or both will have the new ones out by then.

  18. Australia = Fail.
    I’ll be in Australia for the start of the World Cup and I really hope I don’t see those uniforms everywhere, might have to poke my eyes out…

    • No kidding! That Aussie shirt is awful. Of the second round kits you have put up I like Paraguay the best (It may have been up awhile but for some reason it caught my eye today). S. Korea isn’t bad either.

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  20. Ivor, the Dutch kits have now appeared, thanks to a Dutch newspaper and Football Shirt Culture. The away shirt with the chevron was indeed the real thing and now you can see the orange home version in the style of al the other Nike kits. Once there is a better image, I’ll get it posted.

  21. Thanks so much.
    It feels like Nike’s photographs for their jerseys are weird. I can’t wait to see them in action with the number on it and such. Looks like the US and Netherlands will probably play in their new kits on March 3rd.

  22. That’s what I’ve heard. The reason the Nike kits look so strange is that Nike is actually leaking the photos. They’re copyrighting the likenesses, which is why we’re seeing them without crests, patches, etc. at this point. Probably it’s so they can sue people who are trying to sell them illegally. But over the next month or so I would imagine we’ll see most of these kits, as nearly everyone starts playing friendlies. I know England will wear their red ones against Egypt coming up.

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  25. Okay I’m a little more settled on the Nike jerseys, the US and Portugal jerseys look pretty good and WAY better than those earlier pictures.

  26. “The new away kit will be worn for the first time in the match against Holland on the 3rd of March”

    Hopefully, and most likely, Holland will wear their new kits in 1 1/2 weeks then.

  27. Reading in this dutch article I found:
    “Het Oranje-uitshirt van Oranje wordt 26 februari gepresenteerd, het thuistenue eind april.”
    Meaning, the away uniform will be revealed on February 26th, and the home uniform in late April.

    “Oranje draagt het WK-uitshirt voor het eerst op 3 maart, tijdens een oefenwedstrijd met de Verenigde Staten in de Amsterdam Arena.”

    Saying that the Dutch will wear their new uniforms on March 3rd.

    This confuses me though, will Holland wear their away jerseys for the March 3rd match? Why else are the releases like that?

    • I agree Ivor…to complicate matters, FIFA usually doesn’t allow opposing teams to wear even same colored shorts, which would happen with blue US shirt/short, and Holland white shirt/blue short.

      Since it is a friendly, would the FIFA rules still apply? If so:

      Maybe the US will wear different shorts than seen above, or Holland will have wear their orange uniforms?

      Another option, Holland wears old Euro ’06 orange uniforms?

      • My guess would be that FIFA lay off some of those rules, especially with Nike featuring so prominently in this one. But it could end up being a different set of shorts for the US. France wore different shorts in their qualifying match with Ireland (as seen above) to conform to the rules.

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  29. It does seem that’ll be the case for whatever reason. I was hoping too that Holland would wear their orange home kits for that game but there’s very little chance, knowing Nike, that they’d let something slip like that without a big, official presentation.

  30. I agree with that. Very strange kits. Does anyone know if Australia have a history of using navy for change kits? I always thought they were traditionally yellow for home and green as the change.

    • In the last World Cup, Australia’s change kit was navy blue with gold trim. Blue and gold are the ancient heraldic colors of Australia (later supplanted by green and gold as the national colors).

      • Ah excellent, thanks DJ. I couldn’t find any photos form 2006 that weren’t in the yellow. I never knew that about the navy, very interesting. Thanks!

  31. Yeah I’m pretty upset they won’t be in Orange on Wednesday, should still be a great friendly, and then I saw France and Spain are playing each other about the same time, should be a great day!

  32. Aye, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the US does against Holland, even in a friendly. The new kits will look good and it will be a much better side for the Americans than featured against Honduras and El Salvador in recent weeks.

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  35. Thanks for your efforts Mao – our Aussie kit is a bit of a shambles – though I must admit it looked a little better in action against Indonesia than it does in these shots… but why the hell put royal and navy blue like that? looks awful. DJ is right, blue and gold are our old heraldic colours. Actually since about ’99 our home strip has been gold and away strip has been navy. If you want Aus in blue, we wore it against Brazil in the group stage in Germany, and if memory serves, we also wore blue against Holland, Ireland and S/Africa in pre-WC friendlies.

  36. Thanks for the info Drew, very helpful. Here’s a link to Australia v. Brazil in Germany: http://bit.ly/cKokwj. I agree with you that in action these kits look better than on the mannequins, but it’s just curious that they’re so different from the rest of the Nike templates. I guess that’s a good thing in terms of having a more heterogeneous World Cup from a sartorial perspective, but it’s still very strange. I’m looking forward to the release of the gold kits as a point of comparison.

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  38. It doesn’t look like it, though it’s kind of hard to tell from the photo I have up there from the France-Spain friendly last month. I’ll see what I can find.

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